2012 Birds Egg Cup 19th Bouldering Comp Schedule & Rules

The 19th Bird Egg Comp is tomorrow! Are you ready?

If you’re competing or spectating, you’ll be happy to find the competition schedule and rules below


9:30am Registration starts(You may arrive anytime until 2pm when qualifications end)

9:50-10am – Instructional meeting

10am-2pm  Qualifications(All divisions!)

2:20pm Qualification results available

2:40-3:40 Amateur division Finals

4-5pm Open Division Finals

5:20pm Award ceremony


Qualifying Round

The competition stage is split into 8 climbing areas
Each area will have one climber competing at a time.

Each area will have different colored routes for different points:

  • White 10
  • Gray 30
  • Yellow 90
  • Red 270
  • Green 540

(Colors in order of difficulty)

Competitors will receive a scorecard upon registration. during
the qualifying round the competitor should give the scorecard
to the referee at the area they want to climb. Wait for the
referee to call your name and then let them know which route
you would like to climb. After the referee confirms you have
completed your route the score will be added to your card

First Climber to complete a route(“First Ascent”) gets double the
route’s score

The points from the competitor’s top-scoring 15 routes will be
chosen and added together for the competitor’ qualifying

Competitors can retry routes they have not completed but
cannot not re-climb routes which they have completed.


Will follow IFSC international climbing comp guidelines

There will be 3 finals routes for each division. Each route will
have 2 minutes Observation period and 4 minutes climbing

Each hand hold in finals has its own score. When the climber
smoothly touches the hold while maintaining control, they will
get the points assigned to that hold. Finals score will be based
on the total score of each competitor.


These rules are preliminary and the organizing body
maintains the right to change them at any moment.

The final rules of competition will be announced on the day of.


The schedule and rules are translated from the original Chinese by TaiwanRocks.net . We make no guarantee as to their accuracy.


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