2012 Boulder World Cup – Munich, Germany

The last round of the 2012 Boulder World Cup finished with an epic show of bouldering by the world’s top climbers.

Besides a notable absence of British Shauna Coxsey, all the top boulderers from the other rounds showed up.

The setting on this round was quite good with a lot of variation in the routes for men and women, both technically challenging and visually exciting for the viewers.

Lots of strong climbing was on show, with 2 climbers eon the mens and 4 on the women’s side topping out all boulders. However in the end 2 climbers came out on top: Dmitry Sharafutdniov on the men’s side and Akiyo Noguchi on the women’s side, with very close runners up on each side.

On the Men’s side Sean McColl’s Training obviously paid off as he flashed 3 out of the 4 Men’s problems, making the flashes look quite easy. A notable issue for most of the climbers was problem #2, which had a distant sloper undercling. Perhaps because of height dependence, Sean had trouble getting the start on this, whereas Dmitry handled it quite easily. After quite a few failed attempts, Sean visibly took a breather, gathered his wits, finally got the start and sent the rest of the problem easily.

Dmitry Sharafutdinov managed less flashes than Sean, but because of better performance on #2, inched out a first place victory.

On the Women’s side, there was some friendly beta sharing in Observation among the German speakers, which seemed to help as Juliane Wyrm, Melissa Le Neve, and Anna Stohr all topped out the 4 boulders, with Anna doing notably well. However, Japanese Akiyo Noguchi didn’t need the German beta to flash all four problems, securing a win away from 2nd Place Anna Stohr.

This truly was an epic round of the World Cup tour and a fitting finish to this year’s Boulder World Cup.

Final Results


  1. Dmitry Sharafudinov                 4 tops in 10 attempts
  2. Sean McColl   4 tops in 11 attempts
  3. Jakob Schubert             3 tops in 10 attempts


  1. Akiyo Noguchi   4 flashes
  2. Anna Stohr          4 tops in 5 attempts
  3. Julianne Wurm 4 tops in 6 attempts



Originally posted August 27th. Updated September 3rd for Boulder World cup Report video


  1. 2 Responses to “2012 Boulder World Cup – Munich, Germany”

  2. i think Sean McColl finished second.

    By Alan on Aug 28, 2012

  3. You’re right! I wrote the post originally right after the climbers came down – the official results at that point showed Sean at the top, but they were corrected. I’ve updated the post. Thanks!

    By Danger on Aug 28, 2012


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