2012 Climbing World Cup – Chamonix France

IFSC has released full footage of this round’s Lead finals from yesterday Friday July 13, 2012


Results after the jump

Men’s Lead

  1. Sachi Amma(JPN)
  2. Ramon Julian(ESP)
  3. Sean Mccoll(CAN)
Women’s Lead
  1. Mina Markovic(SLO)
  2. Jain Kim(KOR)
  3. Momoka Oda(JPN)

Video Contents

15:30 Sasha DiGulian(USA)
29:00 Magnus Mitdbo(NOR)
33:00 Kim Jain  (KOR)
49:00 Ramon Julian(ESP)
1:05:30 Momoko Oda (JPN)
1:12:00 Sachi Amma  (JPN)
1:18:00 Mina Markovic (SLO)
1:25:00 Sean McColl (CAN)




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