2012 The North Face National Sport Climbing Championships Results

The 2012 North Face National Sport Climbing Championships have finished!

Over the course of the June 2nd-3rd weekend at Neihu Climbing Center, braving some light rain, more than 100 competitors competed in 9 divisions to determine who are the best sport climbers in Taiwan.

Despite slightly wet conditions on the wall during Saturday’s qualifying rounds, the competition went on without a hitch.

Results and Videos after the jump

Men’s Open Division Lead Climbing

On the Men’s side the routes may have been set a bit too easy – the top 3 finishers topped out both qualifiers as well as the final route – basically a 3 way tie by sport climbing standards.

Final Rankings

  1. Jeremy Hong Zhao-Xuan(洪兆萱) :Top
  2. Yeu-Shiang Chang(張宇翔) :Top
  3. Jun-Ming Zhou (周俊明) : Top
  4. Deng-Rong Chang(張登榮) : 36 points
  5. Jiun-Jie Tzeng(曾俊傑): 34 points

We’ve reported the top 5 climbers because we feel the top 3 climbers tied in this competition. Speed should not be a judging factor in a lead climbing competition.

Women’s Open Division Lead Climbing

On the women’s side it was a battle between Xiurin Lin, a climbing coach at Hsinchu iClimb, and defending champion Hung Ying Lee.

Xiuru Lin got extremely close to the finish, but went for a dynamic movement to get past the last overhang and missed it, costing her the send.

As expected, Hung Ying Lee sent the route with ease and defended her championship title.

Final Rankings

  1. Hung Ying Lee (李虹瑩 ): Top
  2. Xiuru Lin (林秀儒): 30 points
  3. Winer Shi(施汶妊): 20 points


Jeremy Hong -Men’s Open Lead  (shot by: Rong-Wei Wei , 8a climbing team)

Jun-Ming Zhou - Men’s Open Lead   (Shot by: Rong-wei Wei, 8a climbing team)
Yeu-Shiang Chang-Men’s Open Lead  (Shot by: Rong-wei Wei, 8a climbing team)

Xiuru Lin ,Hung-ying Lee -Women’s Open Lead ( Shot by:Feng-Sheng Kao)

Winer Shi-Women’s Open Lead  (Shot by Danger)




Chocolate MovieMaker Workshop has put up an amazing photo gallery of action shots from the competition:

"Toy" goes for the clip


We also have some of our own photos, including final scorecards:

Romanization via Hanyu Pinyin. Western names of climbers used when known.



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