2012 National Sport Climbing Championships

This competition has finished – go to the newest Competition post for results and Videos!

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This years National Climbing Championships, sponsored by the Taiwanese Alpine Association and national sports commission, will be held the weekend of June 2-3rd  at Neihu Climbing Center‘s outdoor wall.

This is Taiwan’s official national climbing competition  - winners will be considered for the national team

This year they’ve introduced a new Doubles format – a man/woman climbing team. We’re interested in seeing how this pans out.

Competition Date: June 2-3

Competition Type:

  • Sport Climbing
  • Speed Climbing
  • Doubles


  • Men’s Open, Men’s Amateur
  • Women’s Open, Women’s Amateur
  • Doubles(Man/Woman Team)


Saturday 10:30- 20:30 - Opening Ceremony and Qualifiers

Sunday 08:00-17:00 – Finals and Closing Ceremony

Registration & Contact details and 2010 Competition video after the jump


Registration details and forms(in Chinese) available at Climbing.org

The Registration deadline is 10pm Friday, May 25th.

Foreign Climbers – if you are interested in competing but are not fluent in Chinese, feel free to contact TaiwanRocks through the comment form or our Contact form and we will help you get registered.

Questions or comments contact Outdoor Taiwan at ( 0 3 ) 8 5 7 – 2 8 1 2 or 2012outdoor ( at ) gmail (dot) com


Lee Hung Ying on the Women’s Final route in 2010

  1. 3 Responses to “2012 National Sport Climbing Championships”

  2. Nice post Danger! Amazing video too :D

    Just wondering what we have to do to watch the competition? Can we just turn up and watch?


    By Jim on May 17, 2012

  3. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can. I’ll have a slightly more detailed schedule up soon so you can figure out when to come. 


    By Danger on May 18, 2012

  4. Nice post. Thx. See you there.

    By Alan on May 23, 2012


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