2013 IFSC Boulder World Cup – Millau, France(May 5-6th)

Video by Udo Neumann:


Official Videos from IFSC



  1. Killian Fischhuber(AUT)  3t9
  2. Guillame Glairon Mondet(FRA) 1t1  4b10
  3. Jorg Verhoeven(NED) 1t1  3b4


  1. Anna Stöhr(AUT) 4t13
  2. Shauan Coxsey(GBR) 4t14
  3. Akiyo Noguchi(JPN) 3t7


IFSC Scoring

Competitors are scored by the number of boulders they top-out(t), in the lower number of attempts. 3t9 indicates 3 tops in 9 attempts.

Each boulder problem has a bonus hold in the middle, usually after the first “crux”. If there is a tie, competitors are ranked by the # of bonus holds(b) reached and the number of attempts taken to reach them.


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