2014 The North Face National Sport Climbing Championships will be held Sept 27-28th



The 2014 National Climbing Championships have been announced and will be held at Neihu Sports Center Climbing Wall on the weekend of Sept.27-28th.

Sponsored by The North Face and organized by the Chinese Taipei Alpine Association,  the National Championships are a 2 day event and the biggest climbing competition in Taiwan. They’re always quite well-organized and covered by the mainstream media.

Note: The official registration form is in Chinese. If you are a foreigner in Taiwan interested in competing and unable to fill the form, please Contact us and we will help you get registered.

Details below

Date: Sept.27-28th, 2014

Location: Neihu Sports Center Climbing Wall

Entry Qualifications: Climbers over the age of 16 who have the ability to lead climb safely.  Foreigners may participate but will not receive a final ranking or be chosen for the national team.



  • Men’s Open, Amateur
  • Women’s Open, Amateur


  • Men’s Open, Amateur
  • Women’s Open, Amateur
Individuals who have entered the Open Division in years 2010-2012, as well as Individuals who have won the Amateur Division in that period, may not enter in the Amateur Division.
$600, $400 for CTAA Members or members of CTAA-sponsored Climbing Teams.
Transfer to Taipei Fubon Bank(012) Acct#:301-168-064-772
The competition form is in Chinese. If you are a foreigner interested in competing, contact us and we’ll help you fill it out.
September 19, 2014
The official Registrant List will be announced at the CTAA website www.mountaineering.org.tw
Cancellations must be sent in at least 7 days before the competition date otherwise no refund will be given.
Email Completed Registration form(available here in Chinese) to rogeriaccu ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com.
Also transfer the payment to Chinatrust account
Bank #: 822
Acct #: 060-537-321-807
A limited amount of Accident Insurance is included in the registration. For details please consult the official CTAA post in Chinese.
Competitors must bring their own climbing equipment.


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  2. Any chance a 11 year old boy can compete in this event.  He has competed in USA Climbing for the past 2 years and qualified for Divisionals.  We are from Seattle and will be spending time in Taiwan/Japan/HK over the next several months.  We are looking forward to visiting the climbing gyms in Taiwan.  Thanks.

    By Jack H on Sep 14, 2014


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