3rd Xinyi Bouldering Competition Happening September 20th

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Finally! The 3rd Xinyi Bouldering Competition is coming up at Taipei’s Xinyi Bouldering Gym. This is great news because it also means the holds will be washed and there will be new routes to enjoy soon!

Fees are $700 per team and two participants in one team.


Date & Time: 8:20-20:00   8/20/2014 (Saturday)

Fee: $700 TWD per team (2 participants)

Registration: 1) At the door. 2) In person at Xinyi Bouldering Gym or Civic Bouldering Gym. 3) Online: http://s.j91.me/event

Registration Deadline: 9/15/2014

Location: Xinyi Bouldering Gym

Competition style: Team Competition

Preliminary Round: Team Isolation – Partners can discuss the routes and use laser pointer. Each team has eight minutes and attempt two routes.

Partners may climb simultaneously or separate but they can’t climb the same route. Climbers can’t aid each other by physical contact, if violate, the climb is over and the score will not be counted.

The first eight team with the highest combine score will move on to the next round.

Elimination Round: Knock out round – the opponent will be decided by drawing, teams will enter the room at the same time and climb different routes. Teams will switch routes after 5 minutes time. If a tie occurred, then both team will compete with a Super Final Route after the round is over.


OS – 3 PS    RP – 2 PS   Bonus Hold – 1 PS  Routes: Holds Archived/Total Holds (Excluding Starting Hold)

Female Participant Score Bonus  *1.1

Adolescence Participants Score Bonus  *1.2

EX: Male (6 PS) + Male (6 PS) = 12 PS

Male (6 PS) + Female (6 PS) = 6 + 6 *1.1 = 12.6

Female (6 PS) + Female (6 PS) = 6 *1.1 + 6 *1.1 = 13.2


Prizes will be given to the top 3 teams, and additional small prizes will be given out raffle style.



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