Alex Honnold to Scale Taipei 101?

Update(11/25/2013): The Honnold came to Taipei in September and Outside Magazine now reports the climb will happen in 2014.

Renowned soloist Alex Honnold is said to be in talks with the Taipei City Sports Commission about climbing Taipei 101 this Fall for a live Television special with National Geographic.

photo - Ball Watch

photo – Ball Watch


Because of safety concerns, the decision hasn’t been 100% confirmed, and Alex has been asked to wear a parachute for backup, however all signs seem to point to Honnold coming to Taipei in October to scale the 509m skyscraper, second only to the Burj Khalifa in height.

photo - Peelden

photo – Peelden

First ascended by French “Spiderman” Alain Robert in winter of 2004, wind and rain created slippery conditions that caused the climb to take over 4 hours. This time a date of October has been chosen for an optimal weather window with minimal chance of rain.


Source: UDN News(Chinese), Hollywood Reporter

Image attribution: Alex Honnold – Ball Watch, Taipei 101 – Peellden



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