Belaying a Heavier Leader

An issue that often comes up in outdoor climbing is if a lighter climber can safely belay a heavier leader.

Climbing Magazine has helpfully put together a tech tips article with tips on doing this safely.

Anchoring – is one popular solution but not always the best one as it can create a hard fall for the leader.

Flying into the air – may be disconcerting to newbies, but actually provides a softer catch for the leader.

Although the softer catch is a desirable aspect, there are a few safety issues associated with belaying a heavier leader that Climbing Magazine points out fully in their article “Stop the Flying Circus


Climbing magazine is one of the oldest and most established Rock climbing periodicals in circulation. For this and more articles, we recommend suscribing either to the paper or electronic editions on the Climbing magazine website


Disclaimer: Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. You are responsible for your own safety. These tips are meant to supplement, not replace professional, in-person instruction.


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