Bouldering World Cup 2012 – Innsbruck, Austria

The 4th round of the Bouldering world up was held May 18&19th at Innsbruck Austria. Udini has released the highlight yesterday.

Details and Results after the jump

The video starts off with  Semi Final footage this time around.

Finals start around 7:00 and feature Melissa Le Neve(FRA), Shauna Coxsey(GBR),  Alex Puccio and Anna Stohr(AUT)  on the women’s side and Rustam Gelmanov(RUS), Kilian Fischhuber(AUT), and Sean McColl(CAN) on the Men’s

Final rankings:


  1. Kilian Fischhuber(2 tops)
  2. Rustam Gelmanov (1 top)
  3. Sean McColl (0 tops, 4 bonus holds)


  1. Anna Stohr (4 tops, 7 attempts)
  2. Shauna Coxsey (4 tops, 8 attempts)
  3. Melissa Le Neve (3 tops)


Source: Udini Mediaworks



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