Bouldering World Cup – Log-Dragomer Video

The Bouldering World Cup @ Log-Dragomer, Slovenia, was held on April 25.

The Climbing World Cups are Climbing competitions around the World organized by the IFSC, the international governing body of Climbing competitions. They set standards and rules of competitive climbing and are based in Europe.

This was the 2nd event of the 2012 World Cup season and was held in Log-Dragomer, a small city in Slovenia.  The first event was held on April 14th in Chongqing, China.

Read on for results and details

Mina Markovic, local to Slovenia, won the womens division by topping all 4 finals problems, while the runners up Shauna Coxsey(UK) and Anna Stohr(Austria) only sent 2.

Rustam Gelmanov(Russia) won Men’s side with 3 tops, but runner ups kilian fischhuber of Austria and thomas Tauporn of Germany were close with also 3 tops, but lower points based on # of attempts and bonus holds hit.


Source: Video – udini mediaworks  Results – IFSC


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