Chiayi Climbing Association Gym – 嘉義攀岩協會岩場

Hours and Directions, please check out the informative picture:

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  2. Dear Sir/Ma’am,  
    Ilive in nearby Yunlin County, and just learned there is both a climbing gym, and a developed outdoor sport climbing area in Chiayi.  I would love to get information on both, particularly where the gym and climbing areas are, what the gym hours are, etc.  I look forward to your response!

    By James Haugen on Jul 5, 2012

  3. James, I’m looking into it for you. I’m not sure about a natural outdoor area unless you mean Guanziling(detailed above) but there is a University Wall and a private gym. I’m just trying to dig up the map and the details for it.

    By Danger on Jul 8, 2012

  4. ANy finds on this? I am in CHaiyi also…

    By Josh H on Mar 4, 2015


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