Chinese New Year Taipei Gym Hours

Chinese New Year is just around the corner– what will you be up to?

A trip outta town is always a good option. You can hit up Guanziling for sunny weather, limestone climbing  and hot springs.  Kaohsiung is known for a great outdoor climbing wall and more(sharp!) limestone climbing. Kenting always has great weather, is a fun option and even is rumored to have a few small climbing areas, or you could go to the east coast and try your hand at seaside bouldering in Hualien.

Those new to Taiwan should know that Chinese New Year is a big deal in Taiwan, –almost everything shuts down in Taipei.

However there are a few exceptions –  climbing gyms this year have posted their CNY schedules and there is hope for climbers sticking around Taipei.

  • STONE  Open 2/9-2/15 ,  11am-5pm daily
  • Neihu –  Closed  2/7-2/10, Open 2/11-2/14 9am – 6pm 
  • Xinyi – Closed 2/9-2/10 , Open  2/11-2/14 8am-5pm<
  • Beitou – Closed 2/9-2/11, Open 2/12-2/15 9am-7pm
  • Y17 – Closed 2/9-2/11, Open 2/12-2/17 9am-6pm
We checked and unfortunately the lovely iClimb in Hsinchu county-Jhubei  will be closed for the New Years holiday.



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