Civic Bouldering Gym Opening May 1st

Civic BoulderGym announces a tentative opening date of May 1st as they take down the competition routes and prepare to open for business. Civic Bouldering Gym decided to open on April 22nd, ahead of schedule! For more information and new pics please see the Civic BoulderGym entry.

If you haven’t heard already, this is the hot new bouldering gym in town, near Nangang Exhibition Hall at Civic Blvd. Sec 8 #552

We went to the competition and can verify that the space looks great, the holds are awesome, and the location is pretty cool — just a 3 minute walk down Civic Blvd from Nangang Exhibition Hall station.

Some photos to whet your appetite while you wait:


Photos courtesy Jim Althans as well as Climb Alpine


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