Civic Ups its Game, Introduces New Route System

civic holds reset

Civic BoulderGym has recently reset a large portion of their climbing wall, and installed a ton of HRT volumes and new holds. Routes in the more vertical beginners area are left unchanged but on the advanced overhanging portion all metal plates have been taken down in favor a cleaner route marking system imported from Japan.

route photo

route photo

Routes are now stored in folders near the wall. Each section of the wall has its own 2 sets of folders, further divided by difficulty, with one folder for  v1-v2 and one folder for v3 and up.

Climbers are welcome to make up their own routes using the provided sheets and marker.

Although it takes a bit of work to get used to, we feel this is a pretty nice system. It clears up the wall and makes it look much nicer, and it encourages people to make and share routes with each other.

One major plus of this system is that it will probably encourage a much greater variety of routes than is possible with LZS/STONE’s practice of resetting routes semi-annually with its Birds Egg competitions.


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