Climbing Instruction

Northern Taiwan

1. iClimb in Hsinchu/Jhubei offers a full range of professional climbing instruction and their instructors speak English well. iClimb is a well-run gym and we’ve heard great things about their climbing courses.

2. Y17 in Taipei offers climbing courses ostensibly in English. We’ve heard the classes are thorough, but we are unsure of the level of English of the instructors. Minimum class size requirements here may be a bit hard to fulfill.

3. in Taipei offers simple but thorough, no-bullshit  climbing courses that will get you climbing on the wall or the rock quickly but safely.

We recommend the above options first, but if they don’t suit you, feel free to contact us. We currently offer Intro to Climbing(Top-roping) and Intro to Sport-Climbing courses, and we require a minimum of 2 students. Please contact us for pricing, location and scheduling.

Central Taiwan

B1 Climbing Gym offers climbing instruction. We have not taken their courses but B1 has a team of  experienced, knowledgeable, and responsible climbers whom we feel pretty safe in recommending.

Southern Taiwan

MicroRock climbing club meets at the Soushan Junior High Climbing Wall and has organized climbing instruction.




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