ClimbIO Updates, Expands to Taichung & Hong Kong

climbio 4 gyms

Taiwan’s own innovative route tracking app ClimbIO has now been updated with new features and has added 3 more gyms, including Xinyi Bouldering Gym, Taichung’s B-Plus, and even HK-based Just Climb!

Basic Features

ClimbIO Main

ClimbIO at its core is a simple, intuitive route memo app. Like an online route checklist, the app shows routes at a gym, organized by color(Climbing gyms in Taiwan use colors to grade routes). Climbers can login with their facebook account, and mark routes as completed or attempted. They can also see other climbers who have completed the route.

New Features

ClimbIO new Features

ClimbIO has now added several new features to the already excellent app.
Now you can see who set the route, and like or add your comments via Facebook. Don’t worry – you can control whether it shows up on your Timeline or not.

Perhaps most importantly, there is now support for Route pictures and even videos!

Gym Support

Different gyms are taking advantage of the new features to various degrees.

STONE currently has the most complete support, with videos for all of their gray routes and some of the yellows, while Xinyi(Surprise!) supports just the very basic features.

ClimbIO Video

We’re really excited about this new app! With the prevalence of facebook usage in Taiwan we can only see this making climbing more accessible and social than it already is. It’s also very cool to see the app expand to Hong Kong via Just Climb Gym, but especially with the 100% Chinese interface, we’re interested in seeing if this will really catch on overseas.




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