[COMP] – 19th Bird’s Egg Bouldering Competition

In addition to the National Bouldering Comp,  STONE bouldering gym will also be holding their regular “Bird’s Egg Comp”(鳥蛋盃)at the end of next month on July 29th. This comp is suited for those who want to compete in a more laid back and less serious atmosphere.

Traditionally held at now-defunct LZS Bouldering Gym, the coming of STONE also means a new venue for this Taipei bouldering tradition.

Those who register for this comp will get a commemorative  STONE Opening t-shirt!

We hear this t-shirt will let you crimp dimes and send V10


Date: July 15th,2012 July 29th, 2012

Registration Fee: 350NT, or 250NT if you also registered for the Yam National Bouldering Comp

Registration details: Climbing.org has the chinese registration forms . Foreign registrants who have trouble reading Chinese can either contact us or just register the day of the comp(The price will be $400 instead of $350 for pre-registration)


9:30am Registration starts(You can arrive anytime until 2pm when the qualifications end)

9:50-10am – Instructions meeting

10am-2pm Combined Qualifications!

2:20pm Qualification results available

2:40-3:40 Amateur division Finals

4-5pm Open Division Finals

5:20pm Award ceremony




Source: Climbing.org


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