Deep Beer Soloing – A Tradition in the Making

While the local Taiwanese climbing community is well established, the foreign climbing community in Taiwan has never had much of a common meeting ground… until now

In early 2013, Chris Walters,  a local climber of Scottish descent, came up with the idea of “Deep Beer Soloing”, a  monthly event for climbers in Taiwan to meet and get to know each other outside of the gyms and crags.

Held in Tienmu at the local restaurant and pub 紅番啤酒屋, aka Beer Station, DBS was originally a core group of climbers, but it grew quickly and nowadays encompasses a plethora of foreigns and locals gathering each month for good food, drink and company in a relaxed setting.

 Shot by Chet for Moriteam

If you’d like to come to DBS, the next one will be held tomorrow, January 9th.

There is no set agenda, and all are welcome.

Location: The basement of Beer Station( 紅番啤酒屋)near Zhishan stationGmaps Icon

Time: 8:00pm till late, Friday January 9, 2014. Stay as long or as little as you want.

If it’s your first time you can also come to Zhishan station at 7:30pm and the organizer Chris Walters(rather tall, ruddy, blonde fellow) will lead the way there.

Cost: Generally $100-$600 depending on how much you eat/drink.

Please remember to pay the organizer Chris Walters an appropriate amount for the tab before you leave.

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If you miss this DBS don’t fret, we will have another event next month.

A good way to keep up with the latest events in Taiwan and meet other climbers is through the Facebook Group, Taiwan Climbing Calendar


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