Hung Ying Lee wins Bronze in 20th Asian Climbing Championships

The 20th Asian Continental Championships were held April 25th-28th in Leye, Guangxi, Mainland China.

Competitors from over 20 nations across East, South, and Central Asia competed in Lead Climbing, Bouldering, and Speed Climbing.

Taiwan’s own Hung Ying Lee won 3rd place in Women’s Bouldering, with first place going to Jain Kim of Korea, and 2nd  going to Renqing Lamu of Mainland China.

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Jain Kim, a former IFSC World cup Champ and the female powerhouse of the Kim Ja climbing family, took Women’s Lead and Womens bouldering. In Bouldering she won the finals with 4 tops in 5 attempts.

Hung Ying and Lamu both got 2 tops in 6 attempts, however Lamu won 2nd place on the basis of hitting more bonus holds.

On the Men’s side we saw fierce competition between the 2 well rounded Korean climbers Hyunbin Min and Jihwan Park both of whom placed in both lead and bouldering , as well as a solid showing by Japanese climber Ozawa Shinta, who placed first in bouldering but didn’t managed to get in the rankings for Men’s Lead.


Hung Ying Lee on Women’s Final Problem 1

Hung Ying Lee on Women’s Final Problem 2


Hung Ying Lee on Women’s Final Problem 3



Source: Results –  IFSC Competition page, Picture 1- 大俠 from Facebook,  Picture 2 – Proclimber Thailand, Video – user 玄天 on 8264 forum



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