IFSC World Cup 2013 – Log-Dragomer, Slovenia (May 11-12)

The 4th round of the 2013 Boulder World Cup was held last weekend at Log-Dragomer, Slovenia.

This year IFSC is going with a simultaneous format seen at the Paris World Championships where the male and female athletes come  out at the same time.

Video Contents

Order of contestants

# Woman Man
1 Anne-Laure Chevrier(FRA) James Kassay(AUS)
2 Mélissa Le Nevé(FRA) Sean McColl(CAN)
3 Shauna Coxsey(GBR) Thomas Tauporn(GER)
4 Akiyo Noguchi(JPN) Dmitrii Sharafutdinov(RUS)
5 Mina Markovic(SLO) Jan Hojer(GER)
6 Anna Stohr(AUT) Cedric Lachat(SUI)






  1. Sean McColl(CAN) – 3 Tops in 5 Attempts
  2. Jan Hojer(GER) 2 Top in 8 Attempts
  3. Dmitrii Sharafutdinov(RUS) 2 Tops in 10 Attempts


  1. Anna Stöhr(AUT) – 3 Tops in 6 Attempts, 4 Bonus holds in 5 attempts
  2. Mélissa Le Nevé(FRA) – 3 Tops in 6 Attempts, 4 Bonus holds in 7 Attempts
  3. Shauna Coxsey(GBR) – 2 Tops in 3 Attempts


IFSC Scoring

Competitors are scored by the number of boulders they top-out, in the lower number of attempts.

Each boulder problem has a bonus hold in the middle, usually after the first “crux”. If there is a tie, competitors are ranked by the # of bonus holds reached and the number of attempts taken to reach them.



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