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For any climber local or visiting Taiwan, 2012′s “Rock Climbing Taiwan” guidebook has been the ultimate reference to our main crag Long Dong. However by it’s very nature, a paper guidebook becomes out of date over time, and with a massive rebolt project, quicklink initiative, as well as typhoons and earthquakes gradually modifying the landscape, things are quite different now than they were 2 years ago.

Conceived of by Jim Althans, a team of long-term Long Dong climbers has created Guidebook Plus. Sourced from official files of the rebolt project, as well as first hand experiences at the crag, Guidebook+ is a comprehensive and up to date list of changes at Long Dong since 2012, such as:

  • Rebolted sport routes or trad anchors
  • Newly bolted routes
  • Trad Routes not listed in the guidebook
  • Loose rock
  • Bolts removed — generally from routes known for having old bolts
  • Grade corrections – consensus grades which differ significantly from the guidebook
  • Safety tips for certain climbs, e.g. “a 60m rope is just long enough to rappell”

How to use GuideBook+


Rather than replacing RCT, Guidebook+ is designed to be a resource that supplements the original Guidebook  with updated information and corrections.


Guidebook+ PDF
(last updated July 2015) 

The easiest way to use Guidebook+ is to print the PDF above. and stick it in your copy of “Rock Climbing Taiwan”. Since it is a PDF, you can also easily download it to your phone and call it up at the crag without harming any trees.

In Depth

GBPlus Full

Guidebook+ Full version

If you’re at a computer, you can also view the full version of Guidebook+, which includes even more detailed information, including anchor type, and links to MountainProject and Climbio.

Guidebook+ is a living document which is updated by climbers like you. If you have information about a Long Dong route that you want to share, or if you want to be involved directly as an editor, contact guidebookplus ( at ) gmail (dot) com

How do I trust this source?
You don’t have to. We try to reference our sources as much as possible through hyperlinks in the full Guidebook+ so you can cross reference all important safety information.

Bolting information is taken from the official “2014龍洞re-bolt進度列表(140818).xls” on the Long Dong rebolt page. Bolts removed are sourced from the rebolt page as well as people involved with the debolting process. Other non-bolting related information such as loose rock or grade corrections are sourced from various sources such as MountainProject, Climbio, or firsthand accounts.



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