Long Dong Rebolting Fund

In the wake of the accident at Long Dong last month, everybody’s well aware of the need for rebolting at certain crags.

The good news is that something’s being done about it.

A group of dedicated Taiwanese climbers, spearheaded by DOC and JinLong You, have organized a rebolting effort.

Re-Bolt Fund

The first phase of the project is fund gathering. DOC and Jinlong have estimated total costs of gear – Glue, Anchor equipment, glue-in bolts, drill bits, batteries, glue etc., at 98,500TWD.

Current donation efforts (as of 16:30pm  June 11, 2012) are at 90,000TWD. We’re in the home stretch!

The Rebolt fund has reached their goal of 98,500TWD! They thank everybody for the support.

Once we get more information about the second phase of the rebolting effort(the actual physical work!) and how to help out, we’ll let you know.

How to Donate

  • If you’re in Taiwan, you can do an inter-bank ATM Transfer to Bank Code 808(E.Sun Bank), account # 0015968228204
  • If you can read Chinese there is a Web Payment fund setup by magi

With either of these options, please send an E-Mail to magi at vivamagi (at) gmail (dot) com with your details: name, date, donation amount, contact info.

After donating, your  donation will be confirmed on the Re-Bolt Fund Facebook page.

If you want to donate but can’t read Chinese or are outside Taiwan/don’t have a taiwanese bank account, please contact us and we can setup a donation by Paypal. You will be able to confirm this donation on the Re-bolt fund Facebook page.

The second phase of the project involves the actual work of re-bolting and will be posted as soon as the funds are reached.

The main ideas are

  1. Prioritize replacement of faulty anchors and maintenance of unreliable anchors, including making sure anchors are redundant: Golden Valley Central(I love Taiwan #142, TC  Route #149)
  2. Replace unreliable bolts on sport climbing routes including those at Golden Valley Central, Second Cave Cave Rock, Music Hall Balcony, Music Hall Sky Wall, Music Hall Left, First Cave West Face, etc.(see excel file at the Long Dong Re-Bolt plan FB Group Page for details)
  3. Replace broken bolts on popular routes, including Snake Alley 123.


If you have questions about the re-bolting effort, you can contact DOC at 0910-515333






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