Official Announcement: LZS Bouldering Gym is moving to a new home!

LZS received a document from the Construction Management Office, indicating that the operation of the bouldering gym violates regulations of the Building Law.

The current building structure doesn’t conform to the regulations and we need to cease our operation. We couldn’t change the official’s decisions regardless of the much effort we put in. According to the document, we can only operate until teh end of this April.

In order to keep offering climbers an excellent bouldering gym, we have already found a new location. It will be a much upgraded and more professional bouldering gym. (Please see the insert map for the new location. It is close to the “Fu Jen University” MRT station. The expected opening date is June of this year.)

With regards to the LZS admission ticket: we will stop selling any kind of ticket immediately. If you still have LZS admission tickets, you have three options:

1. Ask for refund in LZS gym in April
2. Ask for refund in the new gym after it opens in June
3. Upgrade the old tickets to the admission tickets for the new gym with a discount price

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

LZS bouldering gym

2012 03 05

Source:  Reposted from official LZS Facebook posting 


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