New Bouldering Area Opened in Taoyuan County

Boulder 2

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While the sandstone cliffs of Long Dong serves Taipei’s sport and trad climbers well as our convenient seaside crag, boulderers in our fair city have been left wanting in the outdoor climbing department.

Recognizing this issue, Roger Wu, a prominent figure in the Taiwanese climbing community, has gone out regularly with a team of strong boulderers to develop a climbing area in Taoyuan County, an hour and a half’s drive from Taipei and Hsinchu.

As a riverbed area, moss and overgrowth is not an issue. Landings are fairly good. While highballs are not to be found, there does seem to be variety in the climbing and a good density of boulders in the area.

We have worked with Roger to put together an English version of the XiaoWulai Guidebook. Check it out!


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