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Our Blog is below, with the latest Taiwan climbing news.


Xinyi Sports Center Climbing Gym 2.0

Xinyi Sports Center Climbing Gym has changed management and has been running since Dec. 2018.  Routes are few but are being put up gradually.  Important changes:

- open 14 ~ 22:00 without break.

- offering rental of shoes for $100 and chalk bags for $30 each.

- no-bare-foot policy.

The price is the same, $150. 

For more updates please see their new FB page.

Current view (photo from the official FB page):


POGO Cup to be held on Jan. 26, 2019


The first POGO Cup bouldering comp will be held on Jan. 26, 2019.  Signup until Jan. 22.  Go and have fun together!

For more details and signup please see the POGO FB page.

picture/POGO FB page

STONE bouldering gym will be closed in March 2019


One of the biggest bouldering gyms, STONE, will be closed on March 31, 2019.

From Jan. 01, to Mar. 31, 2019 the prices will be changed.  Discount tickets can still be used or refunded (details will be announced soon on their FB page).

Opened in 2012, STONE has been the pioneer in the rise of privately founded climbing gyms in Taiwan.  It has witnessed the progress of climbers in Taiwan in leaps and bounds.  It is also a place for many with countless memories.  Hard to say goodbye.  Thank you STONE for all the joys of climbing you’ve brought to us!

Photo from STONE FB page

Shoushan Crag Will Be Limited to Skyline from 2019


From Jan. 01, 2019, rock climbing in Shoushan will be officially limited to the “Skyline” area.  Application and permission will be required by the Nature Park.

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Taiwan teenager climbers competed in IFSC Asian K Championship


IFSC Asian K Championship was held in Bangkok from Dec. 7 – 9, 2018.  There were 10 teenager climbers from Taiwan participating in the event and had fruitful results:

Chih-en Fan (范植恩) bouldering 2nd, top-rope 6th, combined 7th*

Yun-shan Hsieh (謝昀珊) speed 5th, leading 8th, combined 10th*

Yu-fei Hsu (徐宇飛) bouldering 8th*

(*not in the finals)

Photo by Chris Chi