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Extending a Quickdraw



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Oftentimes when climbing, we encounter situations where we need a longer draw. A route which wanders, a roof, or if you’re trad climbing, a piece that may walk out of place are all good reasons to want some length on that draw.

It’s  a good idea for any sport climber to own 2 to 3 long draws. These can either be store-bought, or self made – simply buy a long dogbone from the climbing store, remove the carabiners from one of your regular quickdraws, and install them on the dogbone, making sure to put the top carabiner in the loose side and the bottom carabiner in the tight side of the bone.

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Taiwan Outdoor Bouldering Guidebooks


With many years’ efforts, a few great natural bouldering areas are cleaned and well documented mostly by Roger Wu along with other fellow boulderers.  Detailed guidebooks are accessible here, including:

- Da Bao 大豹溪(New Taipei City)

- Ping Lai 坪瀨溪(Nantou County)

- Xiao Wu Lai 小烏來 (Taoyuan County), also in Climbio

For supplement, there are two other locations published years earlier:

Shui Chang Liu 水長流(Nantou County), also in Climbio. Credit / iClimb

Feng shan 豐山(Chiayi County). Credit / Roger Wu

You can also ask for or share information in the Facebook Page of Taiwan Outdoor Bouldering.

Pick up your shoes, crash pads, brushes, and go discover the charms of natural bouldering of Taiwan!


Photo from Taiwan Outdoor Bouldering FB

LD New Routes series – Red Dates Mochi 心太軟

There are some good new routes in Long Dong that is not in the guidebook!

Red Dates Mochi 心太軟, Music Hall (Broken Faces), trad 5.10b


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LD New Routes series – Jasmine Beauty 茉莉美女

There are some good new routes in Long Dong that is not in the guidebook!

Jasmine Beauty (茉莉美女), Grand Auditorium, trad 5.8


Rock Climbing in Polish Tatra Mountains

Despite relatively low altitude (the highest peak, Gerlach, has 2655 m a.s.l.) Tatra Mountains (in Polish Tatry) have alpine character and offer good climbing in beautiful setting.


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