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Patio redpoint

Redpoint 台.P.A. at Patio84

Recently we came across pictures of  an uniquely named beer from “Redpoint Brewing Co.”  With a name like that we knew we had to find out more.

Created by two American climbers in Taipei, Redpoint Brewing Co. just recently launched their flagship beer, “台.P.A”, an American style India Pale  Ale that’s shaking up Taiwan’s nascent local beer scene.

While more and more cafes and restaurants in Taipei feature imported Belgians and European beers, locally brewed beer that doesn’t suck has been harder to find, so we were excited to sit down with these brewmeisters over a pint of their finest.

Why the name Redpoint?

RP: We’ve been at this for two years. While we’ve only just launched, 台.P.A was the product of countless batches and tries. You have no idea how much beer we had to throw away. Just like a hard redpoint, you have to keep on trying, until you get that send.

What motivated you guys to start the company?

RP: The palate in Taiwan is developing for quality beer but when people  here think craft beer they think German or European. We wanted to  bring North American style craft beer and microbrewing culture to Taiwan.

How would you describe 台.P.A?

RP: Redpoint 台.P.A is a fresh and locally brewed, hand-crafted, unpasteurized , unfiltered IPA. It’s highly sessionnable and  made with imported American and Japanese hops, giving it grapefruit and lemony notes. It is 5.8% so it has some kick to it.

What’s the deal with Pasteurization?

RP: Commercial beers pasteurize their beer to make it last longer but it ends up destroying the flavor. We don’t pasteurize our beer, which means we have to run a very clean process, but the product comes out better.

Where to get it

Redpoint beer is currently available in Taipei at:

* Available on tap

Redpoint is also distributing internationally. For more information please contact Redpoint Brew Company directly.



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