Reel Rock 8 Coming to Taiwan!

RR8 Ad

This year Reel Rock Tour 8 is coming to Taiwan!

Date: Saturday Nov.2, 2013  12:50pm-5:40pm

Location:  3rd Floor auditorium of Republic of China Sports Federation (台北市朱崙街20號)

Tickets: $399, or $759 for movie ticket+RR8 T-shirt

Available online at Accupass


Organized by climbers and students at Tsinghua University last year, RR7 was a huge success. This year RR8 will be organized by the decidedly less grass-roots Alpine Direct and will be held in Taipei.

Tickets will be limited to 200, first come first serve, we’re guessing because of limited capacity at the venue.

For more information, albeit in Chinese, visit the RR8 Taiwan Facebook Page. Tickets will go on sale September 13 


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