TaiwanRocks.net Resoles

We send out shoes to the US to be resoled regularly. If you are in the Taipei area and would like to get your shoes resoled, contact us!

Our resoler is Ramuta’s Resoles in Montana, a reputable rock shoe cobbler with a history of good work.


Most shoes will cost $1900TWD.

If your footwork is especially good, and wear is completely limited to the bottom of your shoe, it’s possible your shoe will be $1600TWD, but we cannot guarantee this price since it is determined by the shoe cobbler, not us.

How long does it take?

Because the shoes have to travel from Taiwan to the US and back, turnaround time from when you hand the shoes to us to when we hand it back to you ranges from 35 to 50 days.


Vibram XS Grip, Vibram XS Edge, Vibram XSV, 5.10 Stealth, and 5.10 Onyxx is available.
Prices are the same and Vibram XS Grip will be used if not otherwise specified.


At present time we can only accept resoles in the Taipei area. Please contact us and we will work out a pickup and drop off.


Since the price depends on the level of work done on your shoe, we bill you once the shoes are confirmed repaired by the cobbler.

We accept paypal/credit card, bank transfer, and cash payment.

Example Work

Most shoes will end up looking like this:

La Sportiva Solution resole with rand repaired

For climbers who take care of their shoes and are able to only wear the bottom(sole) of the shoe, it’s possible for the resole to look this good!

La Sportiva solution with pure resole(no rand repair!)

Because the determination of rand repair is made by the rock cobbler we cannot guarantee whether your rand will or not be repaired.



Why is it so expensive?

We try to ship as frugally as possible but shipping shoes to the US and back isn’t cheap.

Why does it take so long?

Our resoler actually works fairly quickly, but there is simply a long delivery time to the US and back.

Is it worth it for my shoe?

We suggest resoles for those with performance shoes which cost $3000TWD or greater. Any less than that and the resole will be comparable to the cost of a new shoe. It’s also worth getting resoles for lowering your environmental impact,  and it can be nice to resole shoes to avoid having to break new ones in.

Can my shoe be repaired?

We will let you know when we receive your shoe. You can also send us pictures to confirm. Generally most reasonable wear up to a small hole in the toe can be repaired.

Will my shoes still be downturned after resoling?

Aggresively downturned shoes such as the La Sportiva Solution and Evolv Shaman will generally hold their downturn quite well through a resole.

Slightly downturned shoes such as many 5.10 anasazi type shoes(Moccasym, Prism, VCS) or La Sportiva Katana will generally not hold their downturn.

Shoes with a built in downturn system, such as La Sportiva’s P3 system, will hold their downturned shape especially well.