STONE Climbing Memo App


Kant Kang and Mengchun Chang have created a very cool online app which lets you easily keep track of the problems you’ve climbed at STONE.

The interface is simple and slick, and it even allows you to upload new routes using pictures!

Here’s some tips to using it

How to Use It

First log in with facebook, then click  on a certain color, each problem will have an interface like this:

Problem Interface

If you’ve sent a problem, you can click on the filled in star to record your send, your FB profile pic will show up in the problem and the send count will go up.

It’s possible to use the memo app without logging in– your climbs will be recorded using a cookie but your feats will be kept private , the problem send count will not go up and obviously your profile pic won’t show up.

Problems you have not sent yet will stay on the screen with a empty star on them.

Attempted problem

Problems you send will be sent to green star land

green star


And that’s about it!

Advanced Usage

There is an extra feature in the app if you want to add routes.

Just click the + sign next to your name.

Add Route

Click here to add a route

You will be greeted by the add route interface:

Upload a route

Awesome stuff! (Totally jealous we didn’t think of this ourselves!)


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