YOY Bouldering Gym

Description:  Yilans long awaited, spiffy new bouldering gym.
Location: 宜蘭縣員山鄉深溝村深州路55巷33號
Offers: Bouldering
Hours: Weekdays 6-9:30pm, Weekends 9-12pm,1-5pm,6-9:30pm
Phone: 03-9232-760
YOY Facebook  
Pricing: $100/day

Civic BoulderGym

Description:  Civic Bouldering gym opened Spring 2013 on the east side of Taipei, run by the same people as Xinyi Bouldering gym
Offers: Bouldering(5m)

Location: Civic Blvd. Sec 8 #552 (close to Nangang Exhibition Hall station)
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-10:30pm, Sunday 10am-6pm
Civic BoulderGym Facebook
Pricing: $200/day pass, Shoe rental $100

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Notes: Civic is a spacious bouldering gym with a beginner, vertical section, as well as more overhanging terrain suitable for intermediate and advanced climbers to train on.

A recent improvement in routesetting makes Civic worth climbing at, especially for those who live on the East side of town.

B-Plus Bouldering Gym

Description:  B-Plus is Taichung’s new, spacious and well run bouldering gym.

Location: 982-1 Huanzhong Rd Sec.2, Xitun Dist. Taichung City407 
Offers: Bouldering(5m)
Hours: Tuesdays to Friday 6-11pm, Saturday 1pm-9pm, Sunday 1pm-7pm, Closed Mondays.
Phone: 0933-324381, 0933-324387
B-Plus Facebook  B-Plus ClimbIO
Pricing: $200/day, Students $160/day
$3200/20 pack, Additional discount memberships available, please see facebook page or contact directly for details.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Brought to you in part by the guys behind Taichung’s previous bouldering gym B1, all the holds from B1 and quite a few new ones have been brought to a new, much larger location on Huanhong road.

Routes are well set, the space is well designed. The second floor has a spacious lounge area with sofa. The changing area even has a shower!

Well recommended.


介紹: 汐止火車站附近的抱石館
攀岩方式: 抱石(3m)
位置: 汐止國民運動中心游泳館二樓
電話: (02) 2567 3887
Xizhi Bouldering Gym FB
週二至吳 13:00-17:00, 18:00-22:00
假日 08:00-12:00,13:00-17:00,18:00-22:00
平日 13:00-17:00 – $150 / $120 學生
平日 18:00-22:00 – $220 / $190 學生
假日 早上 – $150 / $120 學生
假日 午後 – $220 / $190 學生

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

詳情: 離汐止火車站步行五分鐘, 汐止抱石場位於汐止游泳池的正上方. 雖然抱石場的面積不算大, 但是廣闊的空間給予人一種舒適的感覺. 抱石場的設計包含了不錯的洞穴式懸岩面和多種角度的斜面. 但是目前岩點大同小異和分布性都還有待加強. 岩點偏向中小型的Crimp/Pitch點, 而且岩點很新, 所以非常磨手, 要去的岩友請多加小心.

汐止抱石場內附淋浴室, 飲水機, 以及中央空調. 如果路線及岩點再多加改進以及添加訓練器材, 是一個非常有潛力的岩場.

Xizhi Bouldering Gym

Description:  Xizhi’s new bouldering gym
Offers: Bouldering(3m)
Location: Second floor of Xizhi Civil Sports Center Swimming Pool
Phone: (02) 2567 3887
Xizhi Bouldering Gym FB
Tuesday through Friday 1pm-5pm, 6pm-10pm
Weekends 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm,6pm-10pm
Weekday afternoons until 5pm: $150 regular / $120 students
Weekday evenings: $220 regular/ $190 students
Weekend mornings: $150 regular / $120 students
Weekends 1pm until close: $220 regular / $190 students

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Notes: A small yet spacious gym located nearby Xizhi train station. Amenities including ice-cold AC in the summertime and showers. Multi-faceted arch/island style boulder that’s very fun to climb, despite mediocre routesetting and lack of hold variety.

This is a good gym for beginners, but intermediate and advanced climbers can still get kick out of climbing here if they’re able to make their own routes.