Red Rock Bouldering Gym

Description:  A top-notch Bouldering Gym near Shilin Night Market.
Offers: Bouldering(3m)
Location: Basement of a carwash located at  承德路四段261號B1
Phone: (02) 2883 7591
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Hours: Weekdays 4-10:30pm . Weekends 9am-9pm
Pricing: $250 per visit

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Taiwan’s first gym with monochrome setting, this fairly spacious underground bouldering gym is run by experienced climbers and it shows in the competent setting, variety of wall angles, and superior training facilities including multiple campus boards, fingerboards, and even a Moonboard.

The wide variety of high quality holds, the colorful walls, the air conditioning(crucial for taiwanese summers) and water cooler set this gym apart from the pack.

Because of a 3m height and stiff setting, STONE and Xinyi are better choices for beginners, but for those able to climb silvers(V2-V3), Red Rock is as good or better than STONE.

Yonghe Sports Center Climbing Gym

Description:The biggest, baddest sports center climbing gym in Taipei.
Offers: Lead, Toprope (12m),  Bouldering(4.5m)

Address: 234, New Taipei City, Yonghe District, Yongli Rd
Hours: Tuesday to Friday- 1pm to 10pm, Weekends- 9am to 10pm, closed Mondays
Phone: 0905 657 107

Price: 9am-12pm $150, 1pm-5pm $180, 6-10pm $280
Hourly rates are also available – $80/hr during peak times(weekdays after 6pm, weekends after 1pm), $50/hr otherwise

Notes: A spacious gym with good setting. Both lead and toprope are represented, and even a auto belay. There is AC as well, making it a good choice for the summer.

Rating: ★★★★½ 


攀岩方式: 先鋒攀登 , 頂繩攀登 (15m),  抱石 (3m)

地址: 台北市內湖區洲仔街12號
營業時間: 每日 09:00-22:00
電話: 02 2656 0052
Neihu Sports Center Climbing Gym Facebook Neihu Sports Center ClimbIO website Icon
費用: 室內抱石 $50. 戶外攀岩 $200。持內湖「好爬卡」就享有十次綜合攀登票價八折優惠 。

Rating: ★★★★½ 


  • 這邊的教練很專業,路線有訓練價值,課程也不錯。
  • 岩牆、器材、岩點的維護良好
  • 室外場地,Over牆下雨天還是可以爬,不過平面牆不避雨。



介紹:  台北南港展覽館附近的一座抱石館
攀岩方式: 抱石(5m)

位置: 台北市南港區市民大道8段552號  (近南港展覽館捷運站)
營業時間: 週一至六 10:00-22:30, 週日 10:00-18:00
電話:02 2788 6220#12
Civic BoulderGym Facebook
價格: $200/次,套票20張$3600,半年票$6000

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


The Little Rock

Description: A small bouldering gym for beginners in Shilin, Taipei.

Offers: Bouldering(4m)

Location: 台北市士林區忠誠路二段12號1樓

Phone: 02 2834-7217

T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua

Hours: M-F 13pm-09pm, Weekends 09am-9pm


single entry NT 250 per person
10 tickets NT 2200
30 tickets NT 6000

Notes:A bouldering gym for family, children, and beginners.