Reel Rock 10 Comes to Taiwan November 1st


This year’s Reel Rock 10 movie tour is coming to Taiwan, and being shown at independent movie theater Spot Huashan located in artsy Huashan Creative Park.

The climbing film extravaganza will include exclusive Dawn Wall footage, highball bouldering featuring Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods, as well as a tribute to fallen climber and wingsuit athlete Dean Potter.

The show starts  Sunday morning 9:30am, November 1st with tickets on sale from October 6th to 23rd for $500 each at major climbing gyms around Taiwan as well as TPSS near Main Station.

Where Stone Meets Ocean

Where Stone Meets Ocean from Kenneth Koh on Vimeo.

22nd Birds Egg Comp Highlight Reel

STONE Bouldering Gym 鳥蛋盃22nd from Aaron Chen on Vimeo.

REEL ROCK 7 攀岩影展 來台灣!

今年REEL ROCK 7 攀岩影展 會來台灣!10月20日在新竹國立交通大學放映。


時間:10月20日 晚上7:30 – 9:30 (7:00 pm開始入場)
票價:台幣300元整 ( 9/14星期五開始於以下地點售票)
預售票販售地點: 新竹iClimb, 台北STONE, 台中B1 (官方網站) (臉書官方頁面) (臉書台灣場頁面)