Review – Guanzailing Climbing Guide Book

Guanziling is a limestone climbing area between Tainan and Chiayi. Not as developed or as famous as Long Dong, it nevertheless has its devoted climbers.

Basic Info

Published in 2003 and retailing at 250 TWD, the Guanzailing Climbing Guidebook is a simple guidebook to the Guanziling area that, while rudimentary, does provide you with all the information you need to get to the crag and have fun.

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Review: Rock Climbing Taiwan guidebook 台灣龍洞攀岩

Matt Robertson, author of Long Dong Trad Climbs, has put out a new guidebook on the area - Rock Climbing Taiwan(台灣龍洞攀岩) – Sport Climbing & Trad at Long Dong (運動攀登 傳統攀登).

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