Outdoor Fun Taiwan Climbing Wall

AddressNo. 330, Section 2, Chóngdé Rd, Beitun District Taichung City
Type of Climbing: Lead(15m), Bouldering

Hours: No hard restriction, but Outdoor Fun prefers climbers use the wall during shop opening hours(10am – 9:30pm).

Climbing demo session is held Saturdays 3-5pm during which you can go and rent equipment for $100TWD.

Fee: $100 on Saturday afternoons 3-5pm for climbing + gear rental, $0 otherwise.


Thanks to Hawk Stone for this information!




位置:  東海大學 跑道

攀岩方式:  先鋒( 12m)

介紹: 這是東海大學的攀岩牆。週三晚上有開放給外人。其他時間需要跟東海大學山社聯絡。


週三 19:30-22:00 (晚上有燈)

其他時間 請跟東海大學山社 聯絡

費用: $100

避雨: No.


很多東海岩友也會去B1抱石場. 我們建議台中岩友要不週三來這裡或者去B1認識東海大學岩友,來這裡會更方便。




位置: 中興大學跑道

介紹: 一個保持不錯的大學岩場。想用請先跟中興大學登山社申請。岩壁後面有平面牆可以爬。

攀岩方式: 先鋒(12m), 上方確保(自帶裝備)

避雨: 不


  • 一, 四 19:00-22:00   (有燈)
  • 六 14:00-18:00

詳情:  這個岩場開放給外人但必須跟  中興大學山社申請.


照片來自 中興大學等山社

NCHU Climbing Wall

Location: National Chung Hsing University, by the Track

Description: A fairly well designed and maintained University wall.  Please contact the NCHU Mountain Club to use. The Wall has vertical face on the back.

Type of Climbing: Lead(12m), Top rope(anchors accessible by stairs)

Covered from Rain: No

Lighted at Night: Yes

Hours: Monday, Thursday 7pm-10pm. Saturday 2pm-6pm

Notes:  This university climbing wall is open to the public as long as you get permission fom the NCHU Mountain Club.  Since it’s a university wall, if students or climbers from the mountain club are there, they have priority.  Please be respectful of the university environment and students.

Photos by NCHU Mountain Club. Thanks to 黃智威 for this information

TungHai University

Location:  TungHai University Running Track

Type of Climbing:  Lead Climbing/top roping) up to 12m

Description: This is  a school climbing wall.


Open to the public Wednesdays 7:30-10pm

For other hours, please contact the TungHai University Mountain Club.

Fee: $100

Covered from the Rain: No.

Lighted at night: Yes.


A lot of Tunghai climbers also go to B1. We recommend taichung climbers  interested in lead climbing here to either come on Wednesday nights, or go to B1 to meet other taichung climbers, and you will probably be able to come outside of the official hours.

This is a university wall so please be mindful and respectful of students around you.  The Mountain club meets here regularly so if you see them please give them, and any other university students, priority.


Thanks to 黃智威 for this information