介紹: 台灣最大規模的頂級抱石館.

攀岩方式: 抱石(5m
地址: 新北市新莊區三和路58-12號
電話:0963 004 402
STONE 抱石館 臉書  STONE ClimbIO
營業時間: 平日 19:00-23:00,週六 11:00-21:00,週日11:00-19:00
STONE 通常在國定假日也會開門,但營業時間會調整到11:00-19:00。

費用: $200/單次,週末$250/單次 。組岩鞋 $50
半年會員卡 6000,30回數票卷 4800

Rating: ★★★★½ 



介紹:  台北市靠近士林夜市的頂級抱石館。
攀岩方式: 抱石(3m)
地址:  承德路四段261號B1
電話: (02) 2883 7591
Stone Bouldering Gym FB
營業時間: 平日16:00-22:30 . 假日 9:00-21:00
費用: $250/一次

Rating: ★★★★½ 

詳情: 紅石是台灣第一間用單色訂線的抱石館。空間夠大,有空調,有飲水機,路線好玩,有不同角度的牆壁,和這邊有頂級的訓練器材。


STONE Bouldering Gym

Description:  The best all-around bouldering gym in Taiwan.
Offers: Bouldering(5m)

Location: 新北市新莊區三和路58-12號
Hours: Weekdays 7-11pm . Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday 11am-7pm.
STONE is usually open on holidays, but hours are adjusted to Sunday hours.
Phone: (09)6300 4402
Stone Bouldering Gym FB  STONE ClimbIO
Pricing: $200 per visit, $250 on weekends. Shoe rental $50
For detailed pricing check the photo gallery

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Well designed, with 5 meter high walls at all angles, good routesetting, good holds, and even a foot bath! This is a very well run bouldering gym, a great place to climb on fun problems and get strong!

A far out location makes this gym less ideal for dates and casual climbers but if you enjoy bouldering and have the time, STONE is definitely worth making the trek for.


攀岩方式: 先鋒攀登 , 頂繩攀登 (12m),  抱石 (4.5m)

地址: 永和區永利路250號6樓
營業時間: 週二至週五13:00-22:00,週六至週日09:00-22:00 ,週一公休
電話: 0905 657 107

費用: 請看以下費用表
詳情: 一個很好的攀岩舘,抱石,先鋒,Toprope都有。路綫設計不錯。。空間大,舒服,夏天有冷氣吹。

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Red Rock Bouldering Gym

Description:  A top-notch Bouldering Gym near Shilin Night Market.
Offers: Bouldering(3m)
Location: Basement of a carwash located at  承德路四段261號B1
Phone: (02) 2883 7591
Stone Bouldering Gym FB
Hours: Weekdays 4-10:30pm . Weekends 9am-9pm
Pricing: $250 per visit

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Taiwan’s first gym with monochrome setting, this fairly spacious underground bouldering gym is run by experienced climbers and it shows in the competent setting, variety of wall angles, and superior training facilities including multiple campus boards, fingerboards, and even a Moonboard.

The wide variety of high quality holds, the colorful walls, the air conditioning(crucial for taiwanese summers) and water cooler set this gym apart from the pack.

Because of a 3m height and stiff setting, STONE and Xinyi are better choices for beginners, but for those able to climb silvers(V2-V3), Red Rock is as good or better than STONE.