介紹: 靠近捷運輔大站,定線品質高的抱石館
攀岩方式: 抱石(4.4m)


電話: 02 2908 2928
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
營業時間: 平日13:00 – 23:00, 假日 10:00 – 20:00


一般入場 300元 / 學生 250元


體驗入場 500元 (須預約) 含入場費+租鞋+教練指導及示範

一般套票 20張  5000元 / 學生4000元

一般月票 1300元 / 學生1000元

一般半年票 6500元 / 學生5000元

一般年票 13000元

岩鞋租借 80元(附襪子)


Rating: ★★★★½ 

說明: Pogo抱石館是台灣幾位頂尖定線員開的,路線的品質很高,很好玩。重點是路線難度掌握的很好;雖然定線員們是高手,但他們充分考慮到一般攀岩者的需求。Pogo的難度毫不刁難,簡單的路線是新手也可以完攀的。難度定義考驗技巧和平衡,不單考驗力量,對於加強技巧很有幫助,值得多多造訪!

T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua

Description: Well run bouldering gym near Longshan temple station.
Offers: Bouldering(4m)


Phone: 02 2308 8250
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
Hours: M-F 12pm-11pm, Weekends 9am-9pm

Pricing: Varies. See price list below.
Discounted memberships and Student prices are available and make things more reasonable.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Very well run bouldering gym near Long Shan temple. Good routes with great holds and tons of volumes, updated regularly. Air conditioning. Good wall design. Open all day. All around solid. One caveat – grading here is fairly stiff – not a great place for beginners, but for everyone else its an excellent gym.

Prices are steep, but going at late night or getting 套票 makes things much more reasonable.

A recent expansion has made T-Up much bigger than before. Total climbing area is now comparable to STONE, and there is even a mini playground for kids on the third floor.

Pogo Bouldering Gym


Description: New bouldering gym near FuJen University
Offers: Bouldering(4.4m)


Phone: 02 2908 2928
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
Hours: M-F 1pm-11pm, Weekends 10am-8pm


Single entry $300 / Student $250 / 2 hours before closing discount $200

Single entry + shoes + coach instruction $500 (reservation needed)

20 tickets: $5000 / student $4000

Monthly pass: $1300 / student $1000

Half-year pass: $6500 / student $5000

Annual pass: $13000

Shoes rental $80

*Student discounts applied to students under 26 only

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Pogo is run by four of the top climbers/setters in Taiwan, and it shows. The quality of setting is very high, yet despite being run by very strong climbers, there is something for everyone here. Problems here require technique and finesse as much as power – this is a place that rewards good technique. Grading is consistent at each level, and similar to American gym grades

Walls are around 4m high – just tall enough to keep it interesting, yet not high enough to be dangerous. The facilities themselves are simple but fairly well designed(though we would prefer more space between the left and right walls).

Overall, the routes make this well worth visiting, especially for beginner to intermediate climbers(v0-v4).








Guidebook (英文為主,請點選左邊目錄中的「Rehai」。含各區詳細路線圖)

Recreation Prince(Wangzi) 王子戶外休閒生活館

Location103 台北市大同區延平北路一段30號
Phone: (02) 25551583
Hours: Mon.~ Sat. 10:00 to 21:30, Sun. 12:00 – 19:00
Has: Gears for hiking, water/snow sport, and for climbing – not a whole lot, but they’re open on Sundays if you need last minute gear for your climbing trip!

Rating: ★★☆☆☆