Beitou IDEA Re-opening as Da Vinci Rock Climbing Gym on July 19th


Beitou Sports Center’s IDEA Climbing Gym, which has been closed for close to a year, has finally finished renovations and is re-opening July 19th as Da Vinci Rock Climbing Gym run by Gaia Adventure School.

Featuring new management, the gym has been completely cleaned and reset with brand new Entreprise holds over the existing panels  as well as the old-school “organs”(incut circular holds) you know and love.

The new gym’s opening hours have been adjusted, and will be weekdays 1pm to 9:30pm and weekends 9am to 7pm. Tickets will be $150 per day, or $80 for students, both of which seem reasonable for a roped climbing gym in Taipei. Interestingly, the “climbing experience” package which includes equipment rental is the same $150 price.


To keep up with the latest on Da Vinci – check out their Facebook page

Beitou IDEA Climbing Gym Closing for Good


Having shut doors “for renovations” since Fall of 2013, a new message on their front page along with instructions for refunding memberships indicates Beitou sports center’s IDEA Climbing gym is officially ending operations.

Is this the end of one of Taipei’s best beginner gyms and climbing mainstays? It’s not so clear – the wording of the closing announcement indicates it may simply be a change in management. Stay tuned…

Yonghe Sports Center Climbing Gym

Description:The biggest, baddest sports center climbing gym in Taipei.
Offers: Lead, Toprope (12m),  Bouldering(4.5m)

Address: 234, New Taipei City, Yonghe District, Yongli Rd
Hours: Tuesday to Friday- 1pm to 10pm, Weekends- 9am to 10pm, closed Mondays
Phone: 0905 657 107

Price: 9am-12pm $150, 1pm-5pm $180, 6-10pm $280
Hourly rates are also available – $80/hr during peak times(weekdays after 6pm, weekends after 1pm), $50/hr otherwise

Notes: A spacious gym with good setting. Both lead and toprope are represented, and even a auto belay. There is AC as well, making it a good choice for the summer.

Rating: ★★★★½ 



介紹: Y17大小中等但牆壁夠高,路線不錯,值得去。
地址:  100台灣台北市中正區仁愛路一段17號 9F
電話: (02)2351-4078    x 1901
攀岩方式: 上方確保為主 (12m)
費用: $170,在一樓櫃檯繳費,收據拿到9樓岩館櫃檯登記。
每天 09:00-12:00,13:30-16:00,18:00-21:30

Y17 白天時間有時候會有團體包場所以白天打算去17的話建議查詢【Y17路線搞怪中心】的場次預訂表。

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


攀岩方式: 先鋒攀登 , 頂繩攀登 (15m),  抱石 (3m)

地址: 台北市內湖區洲仔街12號
營業時間: 每日 09:00-22:00
電話: 02 2656 0052
Neihu Sports Center Climbing Gym Facebook Neihu Sports Center ClimbIO website Icon
費用: 室內抱石 $50. 戶外攀岩 $150。票卷 $3300/ 30張。

Rating: ★★★★½ 



  • 這邊的教練懂攀岩。相信這邊的攀岩課程應該也蠻專業的。
  • 最近定了一些不錯的上攀和抱石路線
  • 牆壁,器材,岩點都保持的良好
  • Overhang牆下雨天還是可以爬


  • 外面平面牆不避雨。
  • 這邊有平面牆,大角度牆,但是小一點的角度(10至20度)就不存在。