Slopers – How To Guide

Slopers! From the big Red Blobs at the former LZS to the new Sun Sloper at Xinyi Bouldering gym, these big round holds confound many new climbers and even quite a few veterans.


In this oldie but goodie, Steven Jeffrey shows us the secrets to Sloped Climbing:


Source: Picture – Xinyi Bouldering Gym, Video – ClimbX Media

Sport Climbing Basics – Clipping

Just getting into sport climbing and having trouble nailing the clip?

Mick Pearson from KAF Adventures shows his method and reminds us about some safety aspects of clipping.

This video is intended as a supplement and not a substitute for in-person training from a professional.

Disclaimer: Climbing is an inherently dangerous activity and you are responsible for your own safety.

Taking Falls – Staying Injury free in the Bouldering Gym

Believe it or not, even with thick pads, you can still get injured falling from a highball at your local bouldering gym.

With the new breed of bouldering gyms popping up in Taipei – Xinyi and STONE gym, we’re seeing walls going up  4.5m to 5m tall  – plenty high enough to roll your ankles on.

Do not fall like this.


So just as a safety reminder for everybody, let’s take a look at  how to take falls.

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