Taiwanese Climber Chang Yeu-Shiang Sends China Climb 5.14b

xiaoshiang china

Xiao Shiang basks in the afterglow photo – Ye Qi Rui

Local Taiwanese climber and National climbing champion Chang Yeu-Shiang has just sent the 5.14b China Climb in Yangshuo, China.

If any climber from the island would have done it, it would have been Yeu-Shiang, or “Xiao Shiang” as the locals call him. The Michael Schumacher of the Taiwan Climbing Scene, Chang Yeu-Shiang dominates both sport climbing and bouldering competitions on the island, usually placing first or at least 2nd no matter the discipline.

China Climb is the first 5.14b established in Mainland China, located on the steep and epic White Mountain. Watch Keller Rinaudo working it below:

Keller Rinaudo – China Climb 5.14b from Upskill Climbing on Vimeo.


Source: Ye Qi Rui(Monkey) on Facebook



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