The best Climbing video we’ve ever seen – Ramon Julián “Ramonet”

We try to keep the blog Taiwan-centric, but every once in a while something comes along that just blows us away.

This video, sponsored by a camera bag company, showcases what is possible at the very forefront of climbing videos if you have the top equipment and talent.

Though there are a myriad of excellent climbing videos out there,  from LT11′s overproduced adrenaline soaked send-fests to biguproductions’ style celebrity biopics like “The Insiders”, this short, minimalist video is set apart by spectacular,  film-grade cinematography. The excellent use of Depth of field, color tuning, close ups and slow motion highlight the beauty of the surroundings, the texture of the rock, the beauty and the tension, physical and mental, behind each climbing movement.

F0T9 | Ramon Julián “Ramonet” from gerard montero on Vimeo.


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