The Best Training Plan for Beginners

So you’re climbing Whites or Silvers at STONE or Xinyi, or you’re stuck in the easy 5.10′s. How do you get better and start crushing the Yellows? How do you make the leap from flailing up the routes at Y17 to conquering the technical routes and monster overhangs at Neihu?

Hit the weight room? Do more pullups? Hang off the fingerboard? If you are reasonably fit(at a reasonable weight for your height, able to do 5 pullups), the answer is probably not.

Kris Hampton outlines the perfect  training plan for you at The Power Company Climbing Blog, guaranteed to take you into the next grade, if not more.

Besides this beginner oriented article, The PCC blog also contains many other gems for intermediate and advanced climbers, such as this article about properly warming up for your project.



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