Wedding Route Loose Rock Pulled Down

Photo by Chet

Photo by Chet

The big piece of loose rock on Wedding Route(#383 in the guidebook) has been pulled down!

Chetty Chet reports and gives some advice to those who plan to do this service in the future:
“Today(8/17) a huge rock was pull down for the good of the community on famous wedding route. But it was a scary moment for everyone at the site, since there is only a big bang without any warnings like “ROCKS!!!”

Seriously for me I thought someone fall to the ground then dead silence.

So here is some basic protocols to fellow if you wish to pull down some rocks.

  1. Always inform everyone at the site that you are going to pull something down.
  2. Anchor yourself to the wall since the shattered piece might knock down your belayer.
  3. Get reply from all the people at site, and known they are prepared. 
  4. Yell ROCK!! ”  


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