Xinyi Bouldering Bingo Contest

To ring in the new year, Xinyi Sports Center Climbing Gym is holding a “Bingo” style climbing game sponsored by Alpine Direct where you can win climbing gear. The prizes are things like carabiners, belay devices, and even a Gri Gri!

To participate, you will need a bingo card from the staff on duty.

The rules of the game are

  • If you complete a route, you can mark that square.
  • If you complete 5 squares in a row -horizontally or diagonally, you can cross off that line
  • if you cross off 5 lines on your card, you can get a small prize
  • if you solve every problem on the card, you get a bigger prize

The cards are separated into beginner and “Open” which is obviously harder.

If you participate, no matter what prize you get, you will also be entered in a drawing for a grand prize of a Gri Gri.

This contest runs until March 18th.


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