YOY Bouldering Gym Re-opens in Yilan


a fresh slate – photo by Shen Hong-yang

This weekend, the long-awaited re-opening of Yilan bouldering gym YOY has finally happened , starting off with a competition, as is the tradition in Taiwan.

yoy original

ancient history – photo by YOY

First opened in 2009,  the original YOY was a simple, colorful one-room affair aimed at children and beginning climbers, filled with mostly vertical and slightly overhanging walls. With Yilan’s available land, the small bouldering area soon felt cramped and in 2011, YOY’s original building was razed to be expanded.

While we would never have expected construction to take as long as it has, we can’t argue with the results. The new YOY gym looks better than ever and based on pictures at least, seems as nice to climb as anything available in Taipei. We’re eager to get over to Yilan and surf the YOY Wave!

Official pictures from YOY  below. For more eye candy, check out YOY’s photo album  or Shen Hong-yang’s excellent photos of yesterday’s comp.

Source: YOY Bouldering Gym


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