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Our Blog is below, with the latest Taiwan climbing news.


T-Up is opening a new gym with big leading wall in Zhonghe


T-Up is building their new climbing gym in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City.  It features a leading wall of 10-15m tall and 40-45m wide, 6 auto-belay device, 2 standard speed climbing routes, and small bouldering zones.  The opening date is still uncertain.  For more up-to-date info, please follow the official FB page.

Photo from T-Up Zhonghe FB

“Road to RockStar” bouldering comp on Sep. 14 by The Little Rock


The Little Rock is going to host “Road to RockStar” bouldering comp on Sep. 14, 2019.  There are two groups: Rookie (V2-3) and RockStar (V4-5).  Signup until Aug. 31.

Details and signup



Photo: Hung-ying Lee in IFSC World Cup Wujiang

67451437_2401522246834059_6918313572137172992_oPhoto of the year! Hung-ying Lee in IFSC World Cup in Wujiang, China, May 2019.

Photo by Joel Yatman Yiu

Yangshuo and Getu Travel Guides for Rock Climbers


How to go to Yangshuo (陽朔) and Getu (格凸), the two famous limestone climbing areas in China? China Climbing Documentary Project has had the detailed information sorted out in Chinese and English. Check their FB page for more up-to-date info and documentaries about climbing in China as well!

Yangshuo Travel Guide for Rock Climbers

Getu Travel Guide for Rock Climbers

Photo from China Climbing Documentary Project FB page

2019 Kaohsiung Bouldering Cup held on Aug. 3


2019 Kaohsiung Bouldering Cup will be held on Aug. 3 (Sat.) in Climbing and Life. There are beginner(V0-V2), intermediate(V3-V4), and advanced(V5 +) groups. Signup is open until July 26.  Go check it out!

More info (in Chinese)

Signup here

Picture from Climbing and Life FB page