TaiwanRocks was founded in Winter of 2011/2012 by 2 American climbers who met at LZS Bouldering Gym. The original purpose of TaiwanRocks was to provide sorely-needed English language climbing information in Taiwan, but it soon grew to become a bilingual site supporting both the foreign and local communities.


TaiwanRocks is primarily a non-profit initiative and is founded with the following mission:

  • Provide top-quality climbing information in English and Chinese
  • Improve climbing safety standards of both foreign and local climbers through education
  • Support local climbing initatives such as the rebolt effort and Long Dong Cleanup project


TaiwanRocks is funded by a small but significant sponsorship from local climbing brand Hanchor. We try as much as possible to stay independent so we can provide unbiased information.

Climber in Chief


TaiwanRocks is made possible by help and contributions from innumerable climbers both foreign and Taiwanese but is managed by Chinese-American climber Danger Zhang.

Originally from the Washington DC area, Danger has been in Taiwan since 2011, working on TaiwanRocks as well as other online ventures.