Alex Honnold Comes to Taipei!

The world’s top free-soloer Alex “No Big Deal” Honnold came to Taipei this week!

photo - Kicker Chen

photo – Kicker Chen

He was spotted first at Neihu outdoor wall on Sunday, tackling the overhanging wall and thrilling the lucky Taipei climbers who met  him there.

"No Free Soloing" (Photo - Alvin Hsu)

“No Free Soloing”
photo – Alvin Hsu

On Thursday Alex arrived at Long Dong, Taiwan’s premiere ocean side crag, to climb some of Taiwan’s finest sandstone, and ended up sending a stiff local project originally thought to be 14a, but downgraded a whole number grade to 13a/b. Alex did mention it was probably height dependent — the local climber and Alex differ in height by about 20cm.

The name of the route? “Happy Ending”

Alex leaves tonight and still has not climbed Taipei 101! We eagerly await the potential live TV special

Update: This post was updated 10/2/2013 with route name and grade confirmation.


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