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Taipei Climbing Gyms

T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua

Description: Well run bouldering gym near Longshan temple station.
Offers: Bouldering(4m)


Phone: 02 2308 8250
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
Hours: M-F 12pm-11pm, Weekends 9am-9pm

Pricing: Varies. See price list below.
Discounted memberships and Student prices are available and make things more reasonable.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Very well run bouldering gym near Long shan temple. Great routes with great holds, updated regularly. Air conditioning. Good wall design. Open all day. All around solid.

Prices are even steeper than the walls, but going at late night or getting 套票 makes things much more reasonable.

STONE Bouldering Gym

Description:  The best all-around bouldering gym in Taiwan.
Offers: Bouldering(5m)

Location: 新北市新莊區三和路58-12號
Hours: Weekdays 7-11pm . Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-7pm.
STONE is usually open on holidays, but hours are adjusted to Sunday hours.
Phone: (09)6300 4402
Stone Bouldering Gym FB  STONE ClimbIO
Pricing: $200 per visit, $250 on weekends. Shoe rental $50
For detailed pricing check the photo gallery

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Well designed, with 5 meter high walls at all angles, good routesetting, good holds, and even a foot bath! This is a very well run bouldering gym, a great place to climb on fun problems and get strong!

A far out location makes this gym less ideal for dates and casual climbers but if you enjoy bouldering and have the time, STONE is definitely worth making the trek for.

Red Rock Bouldering Gym

Description:  A top-notch Bouldering Gym near Shilin Night Market.
Offers: Bouldering(3m)
Location: Basement of a carwash located at  承德路四段261號B1
Phone: (02) 2883 7591
Stone Bouldering Gym FB
Hours: Weekdays 4-10:30pm . Weekends 9am-9pm
Pricing: $250 per visit

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Taiwan’s first gym with monochrome setting, this fairly spacious underground bouldering gym is run by experienced climbers and it shows in the competent setting, variety of wall angles, and superior training facilities including multiple campus boards, fingerboards, and even a Moonboard.

The wide variety of high quality holds, the colorful walls, the air conditioning(crucial for taiwanese summers) and water cooler set this gym apart from the pack.

Because of a 3m height and stiff setting, STONE and Xinyi are better choices for beginners, but for those able to climb silvers(V2-V3), Red Rock is as good or better than STONE.

Yonghe Sports Center Climbing Gym

Description:The biggest, baddest sports center climbing gym in Taipei.
Offers: Lead, Toprope (12m),  Bouldering(4.5m)

Address: 234, New Taipei City, Yonghe District, Yongli Rd
Hours: Tuesday to Friday- 1pm to 10pm, Weekends- 9am to 10pm, closed Mondays
Phone: 0905 657 107

Price: 9am-12pm $150, 1pm-5pm $180, 6-10pm $280
Hourly rates are also available – $80/hr during peak times(weekdays after 6pm, weekends after 1pm), $50/hr otherwise

Notes: A spacious gym with good setting. Both lead and toprope are represented, and even a auto belay. There is AC as well, making it a good choice for the summer.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Little Rock

Description: A small bouldering gym for beginners in Shilin, Taipei.

Offers: Bouldering(4m)

Location: 台北市士林區忠誠路二段12號1樓

Phone: 02 2834-7217

T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua

Hours: M-F 13pm-09pm, Weekends 09am-9pm


single entry NT 250 per person
10 tickets NT 2200
30 tickets NT 6000

Notes:A bouldering gym for family, children, and beginners.


double8 Climbing Gym

Description: A climbing gym within 10-minute walk from Daqiaotou MRT station.
Offers: Top rope (6-8m), leading (12m), bouldering(4m)

Location: 台北市大同區迪化街一段251號

Phone:  02 2550 8081
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua


Pricing: See price list below. Also offering discount tickets (套票), annual tickets, membership, and gear rental.


Neihu Sports Center Climbing Gym 內湖運動中心 攀岩場

Description: staffed by a pair of competent climbing instructors, this Sports center climbing center has a 15m tall outdoor wall, as well as a small but well maintained indoor bouldering section.
Offers: Sport Climbing & Top-Roping up to 15m, Bouldering up to 3m

Location: 台北市內湖區洲仔街12號
Schedule: 9AM to 10PM
Neihu Sports Center Climbing Gym Facebook Neihu Sports Center ClimbIO website Icon
Price: Bouldering $50. Lead Climbing $200. With a special discount card (好爬卡) you get a 20% off for 10 entries.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Notes: We like this place, it’s one of the highest climbing walls in taipei and has one of the most wicked roof climbs we’ve ever seen! A recent change in management has brought competent climbing instructors, better maintained walls and holds, and even routesetting! There are routes here from 5.9 to 5.12 and more, from pure vertical to heinous long overhangs.

Also don’t forget to check out the indoor bouldering section. Though small, there are a good number of taped routes here to challenge all levels of climbers.

Though we wish there were more angles, Neihu gets a solid thumbs up from us.

Civic BoulderGym

Description:  Civic Bouldering gym opened Spring 2013 on the east side of Taipei, run by the same people as Xinyi Bouldering gym
Offers: Bouldering(5m)

Location: Civic Blvd. Sec 8 #552 (close to Nangang Exhibition Hall station)
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-10:30pm, Sunday 10am-6pm
Civic BoulderGym Facebook
Pricing: $200/day pass, Shoe rental $100

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Notes: Civic is a spacious bouldering gym with a beginner, vertical section, as well as more overhanging terrain suitable for intermediate and advanced climbers to train on.

A recent improvement in routesetting makes Civic worth climbing at, especially for those who live on the East side of town.

Xizhi Bouldering Gym

Description:  Xizhi’s new bouldering gym
Offers: Bouldering(3m)
Location: Second floor of Xizhi Civil Sports Center Swimming Pool
Phone: (02) 2567 3887
Xizhi Bouldering Gym FB
Tuesday through Friday 1pm-5pm, 6pm-10pm
Weekends 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm,6pm-10pm
Weekday afternoons until 5pm: $150 regular / $120 students
Weekday evenings: $220 regular/ $190 students
Weekend mornings: $150 regular / $120 students
Weekends 1pm until close: $220 regular / $190 students

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Notes: A small yet spacious gym located nearby Xizhi train station. Amenities including ice-cold AC in the summertime and showers. Multi-faceted arch/island style boulder that’s very fun to climb, despite mediocre routesetting and lack of hold variety.

This is a good gym for beginners, but intermediate and advanced climbers can still get kick out of climbing here if they’re able to make their own routes.

Danshui Sports Center Climbing Wall

Description:Bring your own belay card, show it to the front desk, and you’re solid.

Climbing: Toprope, Lead(12m)

Location: Danshui Sports Center (新北市淡水區中山北路二段381巷2號)

Hours:  1pm-9:30pm  daily

Phone: (02)2626 1891


  • $150. Please show your belay card

Thanks to “foreplay” for the photos!

Wanhua Sports Center Climbing Gym 萬華運動中心攀岩場

Location: 108 臺北市萬華區西寧南路6之1號

Offers: Lead climbing, Top rope, up to 8m.

Price: $150


10am-10pm Daily

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Notes: A short, yet full value climbing wall near Beimen. Routes here are short(8m) but well set, and pack a punch.

Thanks to Josh Hemond and Jeff Lin for photos!

Beitou Sports Center Climbing Gym 北投運動中心攀岩場

Description: Tons of top rope climbing, and some lead.
Location: 台北市北投區石牌路一段39巷100號(Beitou Sports Center 2F)
Phone: 02 2823 7808
Offers:  Sport Climbing, Top-roping
Price: $150 each time.

Height: 10m
Hours: M-F 1pm-9:30PM, Saturday and Sunday 9am-7PM.

Notes: Formerly known as IDEA climbing gym, this gym has recently re-opened under new management. Currently belay tests are not being administered so you need to have a belay card from another gym.

Taipei Youth Activity Center Climbing Gym – Y17攀岩館

Description: Y17 is a moderately sized gym with fun, interesting routes.
Offers: Top-roping(12m), Lead Climbing(only when gym is not crowded)

Location:  100台灣台北市中正區仁愛路一段17號 9F (Taiwan Youth Activity Center building)
Hours: 7 days a week in periods: 9am-12pm, 1:30pm-5pm, 6pm-9:30pm

Y17 sometimes holds classes during daytime hours during which the gym is essentially closed for business. Call their number or check their calendar on facebook to see if they’ll be open when you plan to arrive.
Phone: (02) 2351-4078       ext. 1901
Pricing:  $170, pay at 1st floor front desk, hand your receipt to the desk at 9th floor climbing gym.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Xinyi Sports Center Bouldering Gym 信義運動中心抱石館

Description: Conveniently located near Taipei 101, Xinyi has some of the tallest bouldering walls in Taipei.
Offers: Bouldering(4.5m)
Location: 110 台北市信義區松勤街100號 7F
Hours: 2-5pm & 6-10pm everyday
Xinyi Facebook Xinyi ClimbIO
Price: $150/day – Pay at the first floor front desk before going up to the 7th Floor.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Notes: Xinyi is a convenient bouldering gym great for beginner to intermediate climbers.

High walls, challenging routes and  thick pads make it a good place to learn to climb better. In addition, the gym has quite a few angles and uses volumes generously to give depth to the terrain, making for some interesting routes.

One issue with the design of the gym is that since the entire gym is a climbing area, when the gym is crowded,  there’s no place you can really sit that is completely safe from falling climbers so keep an eye out.

Recently, the quality of the routes has been mixed, and there simply are not enough of them for a gym of this size. That and the lack of new routes makes it hard for us to give it a higher rating.

Nangang Sports Center Climbing Gym 南港運動中心攀岩場

Location: 115 臺北市南港區玉成街69號

Offers: Lead climbing, top roping, up to 9m

Price: $50! very cheap for top-roping/leading

Hours: 6am to 10pm everyday! ( Same as the Sports Center)


-You must have a belay card from another gym in Taiwan. There is no resident climbing employee to instruct you, test you, or save your ass if you fuck up.

-We highly recommend going with an experienced climber if you are not one yourself. As noted above there is no resident employee to check your safety.

-Buy a ticket at the front desk before going to the 3rd floor-  You will need to sign in on the ssheet, and leave your info, with the last 3 digits of your receipt number.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Wenshan Sports Center Climbing Gym 文山運動中心攀岩場

Location: 台北市興隆路3段222號

Offers: Lead climbing 9m, top roping   7m, bouldering  4m

Price: $135, $80 with Student ID

Description: Climbing here is possible, but not recommended.

Photos provided by Jeff Lin – thank you Jeff!

Hsinchu Climbing Gyms

iClimb 風城攀岩館


Description: Possibly the largest climbing gym in Taiwan, iClimb is in Jhubei, Hsinchu County. Walls go up quite high to 16m, there’s a nice climbing shop with a good selection of equipment and books, and a bouldering cave.
Offers: Top rope & Sport (16m), Bouldering

Location: 新竹縣竹北市成功二街98號
Hours: Weekdays 10am-10:30pm. Weekends 9am-9pm
Phone: (03)6588588
iClimb Facebook iClimb ClimbIO website Icon

Price: $200 a day, discounted Memberships/punch cards also available

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: By far the best gym in Taiwan we’ve been to, iClimb has 16m high lead climbing walls that go into a roof. Besides the lead area there is a bouldering cave as well as a shorter, top rope only section(the routes there go about 9m high).

The climbing shop attached has a good selection of gear, and a really good selection of climbing books, including Long Dong trad climbs, Rock Climbing Taiwan, and even copies of the hard to find Guanziling guidebook.

There is a truly friendly atmosphere here from the staff as well as the climbers, and it’s a great place.

The one con? No AC. The gym is awesome enough that we can look past it, but just.. be warned, it gets hot in the summertime!

Taoyuan Climbing Gyms

T-Up Bouldering Gym

: A very large, very well designed bouldering gym on the border of Taoyuan and Hsinchu.
Offers: Bouldering(4-4.5m), Toprope/Lead(8.5m)

Location: Lane 99 No.20, Meigao Road, Yangmei District, Taoyuan
This part of Taiwan is not mapped correctly by Google, but clicking the address will lead you to the correct location.
Directions: Heading north on Meigao road, take first left, right after the bridge (There is a blue Chinese sign, as well as a pink T-up Bouldering Gym sign.)
Phone: 0922 389 869
T-Up Bouldering Gym
Hours: M-F 3pm-11pm, Weekends 10am-10pm

Pricing: Weekdays $280 or $230 after 8:30. Weekends $340 whole day or $280 per period(10-2,2-6,6-10)
Discounted memberships and Student prices available.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: T-up is currently the largest bouldering gym in Taiwan.

It features tons of climbing on great holds and walls in a comfortable and well thought out environment. The first floor features two sizable climbing areas as well as a corner dedicated to a 8.5m toprope wall. The second floor features world-class training facilities, a kid’s area, and a whole other climbing wall.

The routes here are fairly well set, and feature fantastic holds. Combined with the liberal use of volumes and variety of wall angles, this gym is worth the trek(and the price!) whether you live in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, or even Taipei.

Shuimei Climbing Gym


Location:  桃園縣楊梅市民富路一段53號

Type of Climbing:  Top rope(6m), Lead(7m), Bouldering

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 5-9pm, Weekends 10am-9pm. Off Mondays.

Price: $150/time





Taichung Climbing Gyms

DAPRO indoor climbing

Description: A climbing gym in Taichung city.
Offers: Leading (15m & 9m), bouldering (5m), standard speed climbing routes

No.700, Yongchun E. 7th Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City

Phone: 04-23807490
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua

Weekdays 1pm – 11pm

Weekends 09 am – 11 pm


Membership $300

Single entry $450 (discount for climbers over age 60 $300, entry after 21:00 $380)

Half-year pass $11900, one-year pass $20700

Ticket package (20 tickets) $ 8400 (not limited to the same climber) / 7600 (limited to the same climber)

Gear rental: shoes $100, harness $100, ATC $100, chalk bag $ 50, rope $150

Also offering other kinds of pass, belay service and climbing courses of various levels.

Notes: A climbing gym with great holds and routes.  Expensive but very convenient: it has long opening hours, very big and cozy, and equipped with 3 Auto Belay machines on the top rope wall so you may go without partners.

VB Climbing Gym

Description: A bouldering gym near Taichung train station.

Offers: bouldering(4m)

Location: 台中市東區90-1號

Phone:  0905 135 883

T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua


Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. 18:00-23:00

Wed. 14:00-23:00

Sat. 10:00-22:00

Sun. 10:00-20:00


single entry — $250, students (up to age 25) $200

discount tickets (套票) – $4000/20 tickets, students $1700/10 tickets

Notes: VB has walls of a variety of angles (including an arch), bright, comfortable climbing areas, a moonboard, changing rooms and a small cafe. The location is also super convenient!

Photos/ VB FB page

Shabby Factory 2


Description: A new gym in Wuri District, around the HSR station.

Type of climbing: Bouldering(4m)
(about 20 minutes walking from Chenggong train station)
phone:0919 175 471
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 17:30 – 22:00
Weekends: 14:00 – 22:00

Daily Pass $200, Students $160
10 day pass $1,500
Seasonal pass $3,000 ;Half year Membership $5,400; Annual membership $9,600
Student Discount: Seasonal pass $2,400 ;Half year $4,000; Annual $7,500

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

A sizable gym with a good variety of terrain – including Taiwan’s first slab wall. Lacks a super steep wall(though it does have a roof,) but this gym has fun climbing and decent routes – though not as many as we would like. Also – showers!

shabbycampus shabbyright
shabby sign    shabbyleft

B-Plus Bouldering Gym

Description:  B-Plus is Taichung’s new, spacious and well run bouldering gym.

Location: 982-1 Huanzhong Rd Sec.2, Xitun Dist. Taichung City407 
Offers: Bouldering(5m)
Hours: Tuesdays to Friday 6-11pm, Saturday 1pm-9pm, Sunday 1pm-7pm, Closed Mondays.
Phone: 0933-324381, 0933-324387
B-Plus Facebook  B-Plus ClimbIO
Pricing: $200/day, Students $160/day
$3200/20 pack, Additional discount memberships available, please see facebook page or contact directly for details.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Brought to you in part by the guys behind Taichung’s previous bouldering gym B1, all the holds from B1 and quite a few new ones have been brought to a new, much larger location on Huanhong road.

Routes are well set, the space is well designed. The second floor has a spacious lounge area with sofa. The changing area even has a shower!

Well recommended.

Outdoor Fun Taiwan Climbing Wall

Address: No. 330, Section 2, Chóngdé Rd, Beitun District Taichung City
Type of Climbing: Lead(15m), Bouldering

Hours: No hard restriction, but Outdoor Fun prefers climbers use the wall during shop opening hours(10am – 9:30pm).

Climbing demo session is held Saturdays 3-5pm during which you can go and rent equipment for $100TWD.

Fee: $100 on Saturday afternoons 3-5pm for climbing + gear rental, $0 otherwise.


Thanks to Hawk Stone for this information!



Ilan(Yilan) Climbing Gyms

YOY Bouldering Gym

Description:  Yilans long awaited, spiffy new bouldering gym.
Location: 宜蘭縣員山鄉深溝村深州路55巷33號
Offers: Bouldering
Hours: Weekdays 6-9:30pm, Weekends 9-12pm,1-5pm,6-9:30pm
Phone: 03-9232-760
YOY Facebook  
Pricing: $100/day

Hualien Climbing Gyms

BONUS Education & Training Center

Description: A climbing center aiming at providing various high-quality outdoor training programs.

Type of Climbing: bouldering (3.8m), top rope / leading (9m), and a 6.5*4.8m wall for beginners

Location: Hualien County, Ji-an Township, Ziqiang Rd., Ln. 300, Aly. 30. See the map below

Phone: 03-8522762

Stone Bouldering Gym FB

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 14:00~21:00

Weekends and holidays: 10:00~17:00

Price: See the pictures below. There are discounts for students, parents with children, children, and multiple entry tickets. Also offers shoe, chalk bag, harness, helmet, crash pad and climbing rope rental.

Notes: Apart from climbing walls, the center also offers some equipment for fitness, TRX and yoga. There are also drinking water and shower rooms.


Bonus Bouldering Gym

Description:  A bouldering gym near Hualien Train Station
Type of Climbing: Bouldering(2.5m)
Location:  花蓮市國民一街38號3F
Phone:0966 475 655
Stone Bouldering Gym FB
Opening Hours:
M,T: 6pm-10pm
Weekends by appointment(call or message by FB)
Regular: $220/day | Students: $150/day

30 tickets: $5,500 | Month Pass: $1,520 | Year Pass: $16,400

Shoe rental: $50

Not a huge place, but has a variety of angles to play on.
There’s a bathroom, chillout area, kitchen, bar, foot shower, and climbing books(yes in English too!). This space is also available to be rented out on the weekends for $3000 for 2 hours.

bonus-2 bonus3 bonus4 bonus1

Chiayi Climbing Gyms

8a Bouldering Gym (Chiayi City Sports Center)

Offers: bouldering

Location: Chiayi City Civil Sports Center 嘉義市國民運動中心
Phone:0983 309 081
STONE 抱石館 臉書
Hours: weekdays 17:00-22:00,weekends and holidays 09:00-18:00


Please check with the sports center. 

TaitungClimbing Gyms

HE JIANG Climbing Gym

Description: A climbing and bouldering gym in Taitung city focused on experiential education.
Offers: Top rope(6m), bouldering(3m)


No.434, Sec. 4, Zhongxing Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

Phone: 0910 558 286
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
Hours: 09 am-09:30 pm, reservation via phone or FB needed


$ 150 per visit

$ 300 climbing for 3 times, with a coach and gears

$ 50 climbing shoes rental

Also offering climbing courses for all ages above 5.


HE JIANG strives to inspire people to explore the world and know oneself better through rock climbing.  The walls and courses are well designed to serve these aims.

TainanClimbing Gyms

High Fun Climbing and Workout Gym


Description: A climbing and workout gym in Tainan city.
Offers: Top rope (8.5m), bouldering(3m)

Location: 台南市北區大和路121號

Phone: 06 259 0660
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 14:00-22:00, Sat. 10:00-21:00, Sun. 10:00-18:00

Every Thursday – ladies’ night, 20% off for bouldering entry tickets for ladies.

Pricing: Varies. See price list below.


This is a gym which includes climbing and bouldering walls, ninja obstacle training zones, and workout facilities.  Related courses are offered for groups.  There are also changing rooms, shower and a cafe.  Please note that to use the top rope climbing walls you need to make reservation online.

Kaohsiung Climbing Gyms

Climbing & Life

Description:A small climbing gym which is also a hostel.
Type of Climbing:  Bouldering(4m), Toprope(6m)

Phone:07 383 4052


Monday Closed

Tuesday-Friday 14:00-22:00

Saturdays 10:00-22:00

Sundays 10:00-20:00

Price:See Below

Shoushan Junior High Climbing Wall – 壽山國中攀岩場

Location: 台灣高雄市鼓山區鼓山二路37巷壽山國中

Type of Climbing: Lead Climbing up to 15m, Bouldering

Description: Walls are built by Entreprises and of international competition quality. Has a Speed Climbing wall, as well as a separate bouldering area.

Covered from the Rain: Yes

Hours:Weekdays 6:30pm-12 midnight. Weekends “all day”, although on weekends, it’s best to check with Microrock before going to make sure people will be there.

Pricing: $100 per time, or  Membership(half year) – Contact The MicroRock climbing club as per below!

Notes: This wall is maintained by Microrock Climbing Club and you should contact them to use it. Because their main website is in Chinese, it may be wise to try sending a message to Steven Chen or Alec Lin on the MicroRock Facebook group

Photo credit EP Taiwan