Climbing Instruction

Quality Climbing Instruction in English is hard to come by in Asia. Here’s the beta for Taiwan

Taipei & Northern Taiwan


Possibly the best English language climbing instruction in Northern Taiwan is at iClimb in Hsinchu. Alex Guppy turned us on to this and he recommends it as being quite well done.  They offer instruction at all levels of climbing, from top roping to lead, to trad, and even have outdoor courses. iClimb is a well run gym so we expect no less.


Y17 in Taipei offers climbing courses for top roping and lead climbing. Instructors speak English.

Central Taiwan

B1 Climbing Gym has a team of knowledgeable staff who climb and offer quality instruction in Taichung. Although not formally advertised as such, some of their instructors speak English and would probably be accommodating if asked.

Southern Taiwan

MicroRock Climbing Club meets at the Soushan Junior High Climbing Wall and has organized climbing instruction. As with B1, the courses are not formally in English but some of the instructors do speak it and may be accommodating.


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