Danshui Sports Center opens climbing wall

danshui ss wall

Jim Althans reports that of a newly opened climbing wall at Danshui Sports Center:

“Look what we have here – freshly opened lead wall at Danshui Sports Center. We scootered up last night, it’s so far I felt like I was on holiday!

13 meters. Open till 10pm (8pm this week though and it’s free). 3rd panel has no holds, presumably to keep the kids from bouldering too high and makes for an interesting start to the climb. Middle two walls have double overhang, similar to Y17, can’t really see it in this photo. No routes up yet. Holds are nice I thought. Round of applause from a sizeable crowd of onlookers when we got to the top, much like for Ondra the other day 

Dan Shui Sports Center

The Danshui Sports Center Wall is one of several climbing walls rumored to be built as New Taipei City opens a series of sports centers to serve each district.

While this particular wall looks decent, preliminary photos of the wall at upcoming Zhonghe Sports center are shorter and less promising.  We hope that the walls remaining to be built will be a little more Danshui and a little bit less Zhonghe .

Source: Jim Althans, Facebook


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